How to Choose a Landing Page Title

Choosing a Landing Page TitleChoosing a title for your landing page is a critical step to the page’s success (increased ROI). Since most landing pages are used for PPC advertising it’s best to start there.

The most important factor is how closely your landing page title matches your ad text.

Why is matching your landing page title with your ad text so important?

  • When using Google Adwords page title is an important factor in evaluating your Quality Score. Google’s guidelines are that “Users should be able to easily find what your ad promises”. A page title that closely matches your ad text is a great place to start.
  • “Users should be able to easily find what your ad promises” – Yes, it is the same as the point above but this is not for Google… it’s for the users. We have found that when users arrive on a landing page that closely matches what your ad promises the bounce rate will significantly decrease. Giving users what they are looking for is good for the users, good for you and good for Google.
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